Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kingfisher PowerFLIGHT @ TRACK


It was the first official PowerFLIGHTTM track session for the Kingfishers. Many of them have been mentally preparing for a challenging, but interesting workout, for the past 2 weeks. Those who went for the earlier PowerFLIGHTTM track preview came well armed for the battle :)

Tucked away in a rather Central Serangoon area, the Serangoon Stadium will play host to the Kingfisher track sessions and likely become a new playground for the FatBird Runners. When we arrived at 6.45pm, there were already a crowd running around the track, with the field being set up for yet another soccer match. The early Kingfishers were asked to do a light warm-up before the main menu was served.

Girl Power!

The appetizer went steadily well, working up an appetite for the nearly 50 runners. Perspiration flowed readily when the set was done, and all were ready for the main course. Probably due to the adrenalin pumping, the initial sets of the main course were devoured in double-quick time, which was not advisable, as that could lead to indigestion and even 'puking' symptoms. The trainees did eventually find their paces, and steadily ingested the laps with confidence and control.

As with most FatBird Training sessions, there were always an element of surprise and challenge which could be thrown into the set meal for good measure :). This time we experimented with the 'float' at the tail end of the main course. Some runners were a little unsure of how to manage the 'float', but eventually all completed with good fun and smiles radiating from their faces.

After the main course, a few went to on consume dessert at a leisurely, recovery pace. Some, who were doing this for the first time, decided to take a lighter version. A walk-through of the whole set meal was conducted at the end by the Chef & The Team, to explain a little more of how to do the sets, as well as better prepare for them at the next session. Overall, it was an enjoyable and fruitful 'meal' for all who attended.

Running The Bay? FatBirds Will Show The Way!


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