Monday, May 11, 2009

Human Racers @ ACM: The Finale

Photo Slideshow by FatBird David

Nike Human Racers @ Training #3

The final installment of the Human Race Training session finished on a high note this morning at the Asian Civilization Musuem, with the gathering of a record number of participants, SEA Games Triathlon Gold Medalist Mok Ying Ren, National Coach Gana, Coaching Directors from Racers Toolbox, Run Pacers and Marshals from Team FatBird. Of course the Nike ASEAN Running Head & EKIN were on hand to lend encouragement and support to the colourful field of runners prepping up for the Nike Human Race on Oct 24.

Mok & Ben wowing the audience with Distance Running Performance Tips

The participants were treated to a good talk by Mok on how to run well by focusing on building up the aerobic base with long runs. He went on to add that whilst one's anaerobic efficiency remain constant, it is the aerobic efficiency which could be enhanced, leading to improving performance in running and other cardio-related sports performance. It was really an eye opener from Singapore's top 10km runner, who had Ben Pulham, at one time the top 50 10km runner in the world, at his side....both throwing off the mistaken belief by most that to run fast, one had to train hard by doing lots of intervals and speedwork. It was heartening for us at Team FatBird to hear about the training philosophy propounded, as we have always encouraged our marathon trainees to train within the FatTrim & BaseBuild zones for 80-90% of their long runs.

Coach Pulham leading the charge

Ben led a good round of dynamics, incorporating some useful race day warm-up routines. FatBird Spencer led his team of FatBirds Beng, Esther, Beverly and Keonz to show the group of Human Race trainees around the 5km scenic River Promendade route. It was great to see Alvin and Ming from Nike sweeping from behind to encourage runners to run steady and not to rush. Coach Gana was on hand to dispense very useful advice on running form, fueling up, and training for long runs.

Team FatBird Pacers showing the way

The Human Race trainees all seemed so motivated and were smiling and waving to the cameramen as they ran tall, with a spring in their legs, as they seem to glide along in their LunarGlide+ running shoes. There were friends, kakis, families, and even company staff running in groups.....a sight to behold and appreciate....a nice way to spend a healthy morning of exercise and bonding. With all the chit-chats, sharing, laughter, photo-taking and sight-seeing, it wasn't long before the 5km came to an end...some runners were surprised that they still felt so good after the 5km....others raised their arms in delight, showed thumbs-up as their nice photos were captured by the professional cameramen.

From my running along with many of these Human Racers at the last 3 training sessions, and my vantage point at the end of today's training, there was without a doubt in my mind that these dedicated and motivated runners would do well on Human Race Day, to hold their heads and arms high, as they run with The World as one united running community. Armed with precious knowledge and experience they have gained from the Nike Training Sessions and with support from the Coaches, Trainers and Pacers, all participants will be conditioned to put their best feet forward to perform what is natural to all of us: Birds Fly, Human Race!


Gerry said...

Hi! I'm living in Central. You guys have the I-Run around here???

The DreamRunner said...

Hi Gerry,
we have I-Run in the CBD area:

I-Run @ River Promenade (RP)
- FatBird statue below UOB Plaza (Near Raffles Place)
- Tuesday, Thursday, 6.15pm-8pm

Check here ->

Team FatBird


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