Sunday, May 23, 2010

ONH #12: Operation Finale


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A large turnout of NightHawks at The PlayGround @ Big Splash for the final session of Operation NightHawk. With 90% of the trainees having attended at least 1/2 of the 12 sessions, it was evident that many were mentally and conditionally prepared for the final test, The Sundown Marathon next weekend.

All the NightHawks were proudly donning their NightHawk finisher tops, in recognition of their pride of having completed the 12-week marathon training program. A number of the NightHawks and Crew having done the 10-25km Passion Run yesterday, many were planning to do a shorter recovery run to just wrap up for the final weekend of Sundown training. It was nice to have Coach and his team turn up for this final session, and all were flagged off promptly for the 10km, 15km, 18km, 21km distances on race-day target pace.

There was a mini sharing session after the run for those who are participating in or planning for The Gold Coast Marathon. The Tourism Queensland and some experienced Gold Coast Marathoners (Azhar, Mohan) and members of Coach's team shared with the NightHawks and TFB Pacers the highlights and features of The Gold Coast Marathon. In appreciation, all who were present were given a specially-made Gold Coast Marathon top. With one more nice-looking top, we could not resist the opportunity for more group and fun photos.

After an interesting and fruitful 12-weeks of marathon training, many of the trainees have grown stronger in terms of endurance running base and know-how. Many have formed close friendships and developed informal support groups to help motivate and encourage one another to go through the trials and tribulations of marathon racing. Operation NightHawk has been a success, and we can all be proud of the journey we have gone through together, which will surely make us better trained marathoners and aspiring ultra-marathoners. We will now only have to rest and prepare our bodies for what will be the maiden Night Marathon for many of us. Bring On Sundown, The NightHawks Are Ready!

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