Friday, April 2, 2010

Holiday Weekender: Sports Massage Clinic

More than 50 runners gathered this Good Friday morning at The FatBird Nest in The PlayGround @ Big Splash for our Holiday Weekender Run and Clinic. A number of eager new faces arrived early in anticipation of the sports massage clinic that would happen after the easy 10km run along parts of the previous Sundown route.

FatBirds preparing for the run

It was a nice chat with the runners along the way, many of whom are new to the distance-running game, and were full of enthusiasm for training and learning all about sustainable, injury-free running. The km melted away as we were enjoying the bright and sunny morning along the Park Connectors and Seaside.

By the time we finished the run, Victor and his team (RTe) were all set up with massage table, towels and massage ingredients. We had apples and isotonic drinks, before settling comfortably in the shade of the nest. Victor gave a good overview about the importance of listening to, and maintaining our bodies and muscles for injury-free running; followed by common injury problems, and how to recommend solutions based on symptoms. The 'live' demonstration of 6 'guinea birds' was definitely the highlight of the session. Victor led us through the process of identifying symptoms and history, and how to alleviate 'issues' and problem areas through massage by release of trigger and pressure points....all put in layman language that was easily understood.

The 'guinea birds', a number with chronic and long-term problems, were treated to short sessions of 'pleasurable pain' to ease the pressures off those problematic mucscle groups. Many of them put up a very 'strong' front, and provided much entertainment for the group of very interested participants. DO provided a good exchange of questions and answers with the RTe team and participants. The session ended on a high note with the announcement of special promotion packages for Team FatBird and Ops NightHawk Runners.

FatBirds and RTe team

As we were packing up, a queue of runners were filling up RTe's appointments for the weekend, with the first Clinic participant to continue with his massage at the Centre. We enjoyed the run and the clinic thoroughly, and already requests and ideas for future Clinics have started to roll in. We look forward to having more fun-filled and interesting Team FatBird Weekenders.

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