Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leaving On a JetPlane...For GCAM 2011

The stage is set...
More than 200 runners from Singapore are participating in the quarter, half and full marathon categories.

Supporters and well-wishers can track and support our Gold Coast Airport Marathon Runners...Check out the video below to find out how.

RUN WITH US @ Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2011

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2011

When? July 2 and 3, 2011
Team FatBird's Hotel: Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise

1 July 2011, Friday

Group A
0655hrs Arrive Brisbane International Airport
0800hrs Group @ Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
1000hrs Group Photo (Stage at Expo Area)
1030hrs Collection of Race Kit
1200hrs Check in Hotel (Grand Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise)

Group B
0950hrs Arrive Brisbane International Airport
1100hrs Group @ Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
1200hrs Group Photo (Stage at Expo Area)
1400hrs Collection of Race Kit
1430hrs Check in Hotel (Grand Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise)

2 July 2011, Saturday

0615hrs 10km participants and supporters make way to Southport
0745hrs Southern Cross University 10km Run
1115hrs Transfer to Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
1200hrs AirAsia X Legends Lunch
1300hrs Group Photo @ AsiaX Lunch
1500hrs Transfer back to Hotel

3 July 2011, Sunday

0400hrs Pre-race Meeting Point (Race Tent 15)
0415hrs HM group to take free-shuttle service
0515hrs FM group - One-way transfer to Race Precinct at Southport
0600hrs ASICS Half Marathon
0710hrs Gold Coast Airport Marathon (Full Marathon)
0930hrs Post-race Meeting Point (Race Tent 15)

- Tourism Queensland SE Asia has a race tent for all Singapore & Malaysia runners located at the Fitness First Team zone (Tent 15). Runners are invited to use this facility as a meeting place before/after your races.

- Participants taking Half Marathon please take the complimentary Race Day Shuttle Bus to the Race Precinct at Southport.

Get more information from HERE

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GCAM Website:
GCAM facebook:

Ops Kookaburra:

Team FatBird:


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Operation Kookaburra 2011: Ready For GOLD!

Photos from Wai Teng @ FatBird Runner

The Ops Kookaburra finale training run was blessed with rather good weather. After 11 weeks of base building, with 6 FatBird face-face sessions, the trainees were all primed for the Gold Coast Marathon (GCAM) next weekend. Many of them are first time participants looking forward to having a good race on this rather flat and PB-friendly course.

Because of the cooler weather expected in Gold Coast, Ops Kookaburra sessions have been mostly at night by the Eastern coastline where temperatures would be cooler, and there would be some winds blowing in from the sea. We have been able to run at a higher intensity than we would normally do for day training, preparing us somewhat to maintain a suitably-hard pace.

This finale run was a final check on our race plan and strategies. There would be official pacers in GCAM from Pat Caroll’s team from 3:00h to 4:30h, with 15min intervals. Most of our Kookaburra trainees would be looking at 3:30h to 5:30h targets at Gold Coast, and they were able to build up their paces steadily. We had a final time trial of 18km (FM) and 13km (HM) in which all of us tried to sustain a slightly faster pace than goal pace. The run started off windy, but it got humid and windless midway, before settling back with some winds for the final push. It was a high-intensity run which most of us were able to fulfill to the end.

We had a post-run briefing on what to expect and bring for the cooler conditions at Gold Coast, with some of the previous runners sharing some experiences. Everyone is all pumped up about the trip, and in the week ahead, we will be doing shorter distances, albeit at race-pace intensities. Rest and fueling-up would be important in the few days leading to our departure for Gold Coast on Thursday night. The Kookaburra trainees are all ready to join the rest of the 200+ Singapore runners in Gold Coast for an exciting adventure and race.

Run Kookabuura Run Kookaburra, Win Our Race Will We!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Operation Sunbird 2011: REGISTRATION OPENS!

The moment you have been waiting for.
Operation Sunbird 2011 Opens For Registration!

OPERATION SUNBIRD - Comprehensive Marathon Training Package price of $139/HM and $159/FM inclusive of:
1. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS11) Race Slot**
2. 12-week Team FatBird ( Flight-Zones™ Marathon Training Program.
..........• Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions.
..........• 2 weekday runs & 1 weekend long run
..........• Experienced Marathoners and Pacers leading and guiding the runs
..........• Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running Injuries,
............Running Performance, Sports Nutrition.
..........• Isotonic Drinks/Refreshments after long runs.
4. A pair of NB shorts.
5. A NB "OPERATION SUNBIRD" RACE DAY vest to trainees who meet attendance criteria (50% sessions).
6. A one-time 50% kit-up discount of New Balance apparel, shoes, products.
7. eCertificates/Awards of completion/achievement.
8. Race Day Hospitality Tent for Ops Sunbird participants
9. Discounted registrations for New Balance Real Run (NBRR) 2011++

** The guaranteed SCSM11 Race Slot is part of this package. You will not be required to register/pay separately for SCMS on your own.

++ As NBRR 2011 is incorporated as part of this training program, you will be offered discounted registration fees if registering through us.

Training will begin in September 2011 for successful applicants.
Click HERE Training Dates/Schedules for your planning purposes.
Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email to for any clarifications or queries.
- Subject: Ops Sunbird 2011
- Name,
- email,
- contact no.,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ops Kookaburra #9: Gold Coast Ready Are We!

Since it was to be the longest run, the various target groups were scheduled to start at 15minute intervals, starting from 7pm. This flexible schedule would allow those who were earlier to start first and end earlier, in time for the transport home after the run. The group was smaller due to the weekend overseas races as well as recovery from Sundown Marathon and last week’s long run.

The enthusiastic Kookaburras spent some time getting their race tops, chatting with friends and finding out the routes of access for the night. The Half Marathoners aimed to do 21km-23km whilst the Full Marathoners were going for 30km-35km. The plan was to go at target race pace (or slightly faster) for as long as we could sustain. The earlier groups went towards Fort Road first to get the first 7km in, before continuing on the longer loop. The bulk of the Kookaburras went for the originally planned NSRCC/Coastal Road stretch, and did the respective u-turns depending on their targeted mileage. Many of the runners looked good, with a better feel of their respective paces and form, fruits of labour from all the earlier base building sessions.

The night was as usual humid, but there were some winds at various stretches, allowing many of us to maintain good paces for the first half of the run. Trying out all the hydration, nutrition, refueling and race day gear for a full rehearsal was one of the key objectives of these final long runs. Most of the Kookaburras completed their runs within the self-imposed cutoff timing (to prevent overstretching and risking injury), with the final group of Full Marathoners coming back before midnight, less than 4hrs of time-on-feet. Because of the familiarity of the participants with FatBird training programs by now, there were less time spent on briefings of SOPs and routes, and more time could be spent on the various training aspects.

Expecting more than 220 runners from Singapore this year, there would be a large group going to GCAM, many of who were first time participants of the famous course. Questions on what to wear, and how to prepare for the cooler weather were some of the more common concerns of the Kookaburras and Singapore participants. With sufficient conditioning from Ops Kookaburra training, the trainees should have not much problems completing their respective marathons in good form.

After this longest run, we will go into a much needed rest and adaptive recovery phase. This time we are encouraging trainees to rest even more, since many have had a hard 2 months of marathon training and racing for the earlier Passion Run and Sundown Marathon. The Kookaburras are ready for GCAM, and we are looking forward to one grand experience on July 3. Run Kookaburra Run Kookaburra, Gold Coast Ready Are We!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ops Kookaburra #8: It Rained Hard


Facebook Photos from FatBirds Joe Goh, Beverly
, AC Leong

It started to drizzle in many parts of the island early in the morning, but that did not stop many of the Kookaburras who were adamant on getting down to ECP for what would be the longest day LSD for us before the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM). A few had to wait 20-40min for the rain to ease before being able to get transport, and they even brought along umbrellas for good measure.

It was still dry at the ECP gathering point, although the sky looked threateningly dark. Just coming off the back of the Sundown Marathon, coupled with the dark gloomy skies, a smaller group of 50 Kookaburras gathered for our second-longest training run. The trainees were merrily chatting about their recent marathon experiences, discussing about Gold Coast preparations, and those qualifying trainees were happy to collect their uniquely-designed Ops Kookaburra training top.

A quick route-briefing and group photo later, we headed off towards Fort Road in what was windy and cool weather. It was a good opportunity to test our abilities to sustain target pace and intensity. 30min into the run, the rains came fast and furious. Since we were already warmed up, it felt good as we continued with our paces, the rain pelting on our faces and bodies. Many of the cyclists and walkers took shelter, giving us full access to the usually rather congested pathways. Some portions of the pavements were quickly flooded, making it some sort of long distance ‘Steeplechase’ training for us…haha.

The cooling effects of the rain gave some sort of simulation of the possible weather in Gold Coast, although this was much wetter and still warmer than what we can expect at GCAM. The Kookaburras were enjoying ourselves as we covered the distance with pleasure, with nary a feeling of fatigue in the legs, made possible of the cooling effects of the rain and wind. We were happy to see other running groups out there running with gusto, some of them looked like the army runners training for AHM, while others were fellow FatBird Runners out there having their recovery runs and some Sunday fun :)

The rain continued unabated for most of the run, making it one of the longest time I have spent running in heavy rain. The Kookaburras eventually completed distances of 12km through to 33km, all at race pace intensities. It was a good indication of the kind of intensity and paces we can sustain given cooler weather, surely a welcome change from the normally hot and humid conditions we train in. The temporary Nest (gathering point) were flooded when we returned from the run. The support crew did a good job of bailing the baggage as well as digging mini trenches around to keep the water out. The runners felt good and rather refreshed after the LSD, and we would have gone for additional distance if not for the continuing rain...and it was still heavy after two hours of our run. The isotonic drinks were not in high demand, but the bananas did go very well as replenishment and fuel source after the good workout.

With this long run under our belts, we now look forward to the longest LSD this coming weekend before we enter the tapering phase, a time for recovery and adaptation to all the hard training we have put in over the many weeks. Short of a few minor injuries and general tiredness from recent long races, the Kookaburras looked to be in good condition to do well at GCAM in a month’s time, The excitement is brewing as we have a large contingent of 200 runners from Singapore going down under, looking to race and have fun together. Time now for us to get the shopping of running gear and making preparations for this overseas race, known to be one of the fastest and most enjoyable marathon courses in Australia.

Laugh Kookaburra Laugh Kookaburra, Gay Oh Running Can Be!



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