Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sundown Marathon 2011 Roadshow

5km Run With Sundown Ambassadors
Photo Credit Official Sundown Photographer

The Sundown Marathon Roadshow from 30-31 March 2011 saw a few records being broken - The Sundown Marathon and Ultra Marathon once again celebrates being Singapore’s biggest night race with the exclusive preview of the New Balance 890s at the Roadshow.

Additional slots for the 10km and 21km category of Sundown Marathon were specially released after registrations were closed much earlier. Those were quickly snapped up, along with the 42km and 100km slots during the road show as queues formed at Raffles Green. This brings Sundown Marathon and Ultra-Marathon’s participation to all time high of nearly 27,000 runners.

Photo Credit Official Sundown Photographer

Team FatBird, who have been tasked to assemble and train the Sundown Pacers/Ambassadors were on location to take nearly 80 runners from the public on a scenic 5km run along the riverside and Marina Bay Sands vicinity. It was also the first time that the Sundown Ambassadors were presented to the media as well as runners, and the run offered a good opportunity for pacers and pacees to run along and get to know one another better, as well as receive tips on how to prepare for the eventual night race.

There were many friends and supporters who did not managed to register (because they were full within one night of opening), but popped over to show their support and to soak in the Sundown atmosphere. The weather was nice as the group ran from light to dusk, emerging from the substation at Raffles MRT for a fitting end to what can only be the start of a great Sundown Marathon in the making.

5km Sundown Ambassador Run @ Roadshow

The NB 890, the latest neutral cushioning trainers from New Balance Singapore were trialed and showcased during the run, with quite of number of good responses with regards to the cushioning, the 'springy' feeling due to the energy-return properties, as well as a more 'snug' and soft feel of the whole wear experience. The 5km runners were amply rewarded with isotonic drinks, bananas and a Sundown 2011 event tee-shirt post-run.

Along the way, there were a number of participants who were keen to do some serious marathon training to prepare early such that they will enjoy a good race on May 28. Operations Manager Alan Choong, 42, a virgin marathoner at Sundown 2011 chirped, “I came here to meet more friends who share the same interest so that I can run with some of them on race day. The run today was very enjoyable and I would love to join more of such runs in future.”

Monday, March 28, 2011

i-Run Resumes On 29 March 2011

Dear Participants of i-Run,

We’re back in action! Please join us on the following date/venue from now onwards for your usual fun run session.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Day of session

Date of availabile sessions



1) Singapore River Promenade, next to UOB Plaza, 6.30pm

Tuesday and Thursday

29, 31 March 2011

Session will start 20 mins (6.10pm) earlier on 29 & 31 March, for clearance of PAR-Q

2) Science Park



We will not be having any more sessions at Science Park in order to streamline resources.

3) Changi Business Park



We will not be having any more sessions at Changi Business Park to streamline resources.


All regular/existing/new-comers participants are required to fill up the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) once a year.

Please return the completed original PAR-Q and registration forms to the event organizer at i-Run.

Please write in pen ink. Do sign next to it for any cancellation entries made.

All PAR-Q forms will be checked by the event organizer and helpers. Please queue in order and wait patiently for clearance.

Participants who have any medical conditions and have ticked “YES” to the questions in the PAR-Q, are not allowed to take part, required to seek clearance from doctor using PARMED-X form and return the completed PAR-Q & PARMED-X to the event organizer in order to take part in i-Run’s sessions.

All participants are required to undergo proper compulsory warm up and cool down before the commencement of i-Run. Applicable to late comers and participants who wish to leave earlier, please approach the event organizer or instructor for proper warm up and cool down.

Proper exercise attire with exercise shoes should be worn for all i-Run sessions

Do not attend i-Run sessions if you are unwell.

We seek your cooperation with instructors and the event organizer.

For any clarifications, please call 6435 3166

Regards, Jolene

Health Promotion Board

Physical Activity Programme

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ops NightHawk #3: One Tough Challenge

NightHawk Photos from CK Chin, AC Leong, Le Giang

The 3rd session of Ops NightHawk had us start at our FatBird Nest, The Playground @ Big Splash training area. Because of the Twilight Run where a number of FatBirds were participating in, the turnout was smaller with about 70+. However, the basebuild run today was by no means small nor easy; in fact it turned out to be one of the most challenging and toughest runs for many of the NightHawks.

There was good space for the briefing on running form as well as the introductions of the main Pacer Groupings to the trainees. It was good that 70% of the runners were prepared with their own hydration, but still it was not sufficient to prepare them for the task at hand. The good thing about training within the ECP area was the numerous water stops and vending machines available for refuel and top-ups. The 2-3 loops of 8km this morning increased the mental and physical challenges by at least 1-2 notches up.

The various pace groups started with their respective BaseBuild paces, and were running as groups for quite a bit. Many of them have settled into the training by now, and are able to restrain themselves from starting out too fast or expensing valuable fuel resources too early. The initial conservative stances went a long way (no pun intended) towards their surviving the respective loops.

It was nice to see the Twilight Runners putting in the finishing touches to their 'all night' ultra-marathon. As we pass the SgRunners and Running Guild (Organizers of Twilight Ultra Challenge) tentages, there were lots of activities and supporters cheering not only the Twilight Runners, but also shouting words of encouragement to the NightHawks and FatBird Runners...thanks for the support. The trainees often perked up when we pass Dalbergia Green, at times looking admiringly at the buffet spread that was laid out for the Ultra-Marathoners...sorry guys, you have to do more than 42km to be rewarded...something to plan for next time, yes?

Into the second 8km loop, all were still going strong, with the running form pretty intact. By the 13km mark, some of the HM NightHawks were reaching their threshold, and had to slow down to avoid 'crashing'. The humid and warm weather certainly did not help to make things easier, and many of the water bottles and hydration systems were drying up. Some were consuming just plain water which did not help much at all to replenish the lost electrolytes. The FM runners were still moving on well, although some could feel the tiredness building up in the legs. Still, all were doing our best to 'body sense' and some effort was put in to maintain reasonable running form to bring us through to the final lap.

We could see the happy faces of the HM runners when they finished the 2 laps and were going for the bananas. The FM runners put up a brave front as we moved on to our final lap, constantly reminding ourselves we could do it. The Pacers and Running Guides were on hand to encourage the runners to continue with their paces as well as reminding them to hydrate and refuel. The pace has dropped somewhat by the 3rd lap as the runners grew tired. It was their strong mental tenacity that kept them going in spite of the soreness in the legs, knowing that that was all part of conditioning for the longer and harder runs ahead.

Most of the runners made the cut-off at 3hr10min, which was the training time allocated for the session. The sense of satisfaction was written on their faces as they completed the run, knowing that they have completed one of the more challenging runs, and are better prepared for even more challenges ahead. This mental and physical 'conditioning' will be important as we journey along the Road To Sundown. But for now, all NightHawks can take a short recovery to heal those soreness as the body is strengthened, all ready for the next challenge....and this time it will be in the Night. When Dusk Cometh, The NightHawks Will Awaken!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

U RUN: Zonal Group Runs


Since February 2011, a new group run have started in the East. The Zonal Group Run @ Downtown East happens every Monday, 6.30pm at the Begonia Pavilion, where U Run Club is. Friends, kakis and enthusiast runners who want a good workout will come by, some even with their families to register at 6.30pm. The new ones will be issued light sticks for visibility in the Park when it gets dark, and they add on to the aura of the evening-night run :)

A round of dynamic stretches will be conducted by Team FatBird Run Leaders, before proceeding to nearby Pasir Ris Park for 3km, 5km and 8km easy to tempo runs, depending on the abilities of the U Runners. For the past few weeks, it has been nice running along the waterfront to windy conditions, with the small bridges and Park amenities adding on to the scenic route inside this rather large Park. We had loads of fun in the recent 'run in the rain' although we eventually shortened the distances and returned back earlier for some core strengthening exercises.

We hope to see more runners joining us every Monday to sweat it out with the U Runners. This run is open to runners and joggers of all capabilities, from beginners to those who might want to train for 10km races. Some may be there for easy recovery runs, while others can do tempo or even fartlek sessions. Baggage services and post-run drinks are provided. You may register free for the Zonal Group Run HERE!

Photos Of Zonal Group Run, courtesy U Sports
. SgRunners

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operation NightHawk 2011: The First Night

Photos from FatBird DO, AC

Dubbed the Mystic Reservoirs Run, the First Night training session for Operation NightHawk attracted a capacity turnout of 110 runners. With 'sundown' at the MacRitchie Reservoir vicinity, the one visible spot was the brightly-lit Amenities Centre. The RV point buzzed with excitable folks and activities as the trainees and pacers signed in their attendance, collected their night training aids, blinkers, light sticks and some even brought their own special luminous gear. There were the 'old birds' who were out for a good run in that refreshing night and there were the 'new birds' who were going to run by the fringes of the forest terrain for the first time....many wondered if they could survive their first night LSD (Long Slow Distance).

An overview of the FlightZONES system and workout intensity for the run, followed by safety tips on night running, an overview of the route for both the Half and Full Marathoners were given. There was so much to cover that we forgot to get the customary group photo in - ah...just as well, for we might have had problems fitting all that number of runners into the photo...hehe. By 8.40pm, we were ready to be dispatched according to four main groups of runners along with their respective Running Guides and Pacers showing the way.

The conditions turned out to be dry and cool....the rain forecasted earlier did not materialize. As we moved through the dark fringes of the Reservoir, the glow sticks and blinkers provided an interesting array of flickering illumination, looking like pulses and paces of the NightHawks in motion. As we were supposed to be running at 'conversational' pace, there were lots of chatter and yakking among the friendly bunch. It was nice to see the Running Guides showing the way and checking on the conditions of the trainees, especially the newer ones who were not too familiar with the route.

As we meandered along OUTR, the quiet of the night came upon us in a comforting way. Many of the runners liked that stretch and were running smoothly, at times, even a tad too fast for their intended paces. The speedy cars who often raced that old 'F1 Race Track' were not in sight as the night was still young. Nevertheless, we ran in single files against the flow of traffic and observed all the safety tips dispensed at the safety briefing earlier. The Half Marathoners turned back at the end of OUTR while the Full Marathoners moved on towards the next U-Turn at Seletar Reservoir.

Most of the trainees felt strong at the mid point, but by the 3/4 mark, a few adopted walk-breaks to provide some relief to their 'yet-to-be-conditioned' legs. Tiredness could be seen in those who had started too fast in the initial 8-10km. With decreased glycogen stores and insufficient hydration replenishments, many of the 'engines' were found wanting to slow down to rest. It was pretty normal for trainees and new marathoners who have just begun training. Such learning experiences will allow the trainees to progressively build up and condition their bodies to achieve their marathon goals. It is all part of progressive marathon training that is emphasized in NightHawk training.

The front-pack completed their run within 2hrs. Most of the groups reached back to the MR Amenities Centre before the stroke of midnight, with no missing glass slippers, although we heard there was a pair of running shoes left behind :D . From the smiles on their faces, and the way they stroked their tired legs, we could tell that there were many satisfied, albeit tired runners. Many expressed that they liked the route, made even more enjoyable with the mystic quiet of the night. They were happy to learn later that we might be there again at another NightHawk session soon. They will likely be more conditioned and prepared by then.

A quick debrief and information of the next training session was conducted before we proceeded to wash up, and of course, went away with nice feelings of the night's LSD workout. We look forward to the next night session in a fortnight where we will be running alongside the Sundown participants who have signed up for the Lead-Up Runs. Till then, the NightHawks will grow from strength to strength, as we progress towards our Sundown Objective in May.

Beat The Sunrise. NightHawks Survive The First Night!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Operation NightHawk 2011: Kickoff

The day many of the NightHawk trainees have waited for....the start of Operation NightHawk 2011, the 12-week night marathon training program to prepare us for Sundown Marathon 2011. We woke up early in the morning to rumbling noises and red skies. A light drizzle broke as we proceeded to training Area C @ ECP.

By 7.05am, about 100 NightHawk trainees and running guides have shown up for the base-build session; not too bad a turnout considering news of thunderstorms in certain parts of Singapore. After a welcome brief with route and safety instructions, the trainees couldn't wait to start running in the light drizzle. Along the way, we could see other runners out training as well. Many of the NightHawks enjoyed the cool respite, which probably allowed them to run faster, despite the request for them to run at 'converstational' pace.

This cohort of trainees have come better prepared, with many having done a couple of half and full marathons, and were committed to train for better performance and timings for Sundown. As expected, there was a larger group at the mid-pack, all enjoying the 'chit-chats' with fellow runners and guides. We were trying out this new training Area C for the first time, and found that it offered a new perspective and freshness to the running route in ECP. There were many new friends made, as well as repeat FatBird trainees who have come back for the longer and more challenging full marathon training.

When the rain subsided by 8am, it turned into a cool and comfortable run for us, meeting a number of familiar faces aloing the way. It was a good opener for Ops NightHawk and many who turned up were not disappointed with the eventual nice weather and ability to find their paces. Munching on bananas in between sips of isotonic drinks, we shared information on the importance of building up a good base before progressing on for more pace work. Advise on getting the proper running attire and footwear were dispensed, including special kit-up arrangements worked out for the trainees.

Some of the trainees found that it was good to start conservatively to be able to last the longer distances...many of us are already looking forward to our first night LSD (long run) in session #2. We will surely be having a Wild Night as more NightHawks will take to another interesting training area for some serious night conditioning.

The NightHawks Have Emerged!

Photo Slideshow by FatBird DO
Facebook Photos by AC Leong, Giang

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Operation Kookaburra 2011: Run Gold Coast


Are you Running the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in 2-3 July, 2011 (GCAM11)? – be it for fun, for relaxation or achieving your personal best, GCAM11 is a shining moment for every runner !

How are the preparations and training coming along
Let 4-time GCAM winner, Pat Caroll share with you important aspects of preparing for GCAM11.

4-time Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM) winner

Supported by Tourism Queensland and GCAM organizers, Team FatBird has put together a group marathon training program to help you achieve your GCAM 2011 aspirations.
Check out the news HERE.

The Operation Kookaburra 2011 Group Marathon Training package comprise:
- A Structured 12-week Marathon Training Plan (FlightZONES) delivered in a private setting ++
* Heart-Rate & Pace Training sessions.
* 6 fortnightly group training runs with post-run isotonic drinks/refreshments
* Experienced Marathoners and Pacers leading and guiding the runs
* Information and tips on Managing & Preventing Running Injuries, Running Performance,
Sports Nutrition.

Recognition & Certification
- A special TFB-GCAM training top for trainees with minimum 3 sessions attendance
- Equipping Discounts & Special Promotions on partner products
- Certificates/Awards of completion/achievement
- Specially designed training bibs & Pace Bands
- Race Day Gathering & Reception

REGISTER NOW for one of these remaining training packages!

Check out the Training Schedule HERE.

Visit and 'LIKE' The Ops Kookaburra Facebook Page for more information about OPERATION KOOKABURRA & “RUN GOLD COAST” travel package.

Run Gold Coast!
Team FatBird Training


Operation NightHawk 2011: Registrations FULL!


Check out the Training Schedule HERE.

Visit and 'LIKE' The Ops NightHawk Facebook Page for more information & updates:

When Dusk Comes, The NightHawks Emerge!
Team FatBird Training


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